Hi everyone! My name is Moo, I have been working with BEAROLOGY for a few years now and I’m loving it!

BEAROLOGY sponsored me to go to Taipei Pride this year, so they asked me to write a few paragraphs to share my experience. They said they wanted this blog post to be authentic, so hope you don’t mind my broken English and my silliness.

Day 1 - Preparation Day

I’ve arrived in Taipei 2 days before the Parade to prepare all the activities. BEAROLOGY organized a photoshoot to promote their new collections and also planned to walk as a big group at the parade to represent the bear community.

The new collection is called “BRAVE”. I think they played on the bear attitude of being independent and strong, but also use this concept to make a statement at Taipei Pride. After I dropped my bag at hotel, I went to meet some customers who reserved the BEAROLOGY navy collection at Red House. I was quite surprised that the majority of products the team brought with them were almost sold out even before launching at the parade! I saw some customers getting so excited when they got their tees and that was a really good feeling to be part of this.

Day 2 - Photoshoot Day

Today, I woke up early to meet up with Beats, the selected menswear store that BEAROLOGY partner with in Taipei. I went there to refill the new navy collection and the new BEAROLOGY shorts, so people can come here to buy our products. After finished having lunch, I went to the photoshoot studio earlier to brief the photoshoot plan with team and models.

In this photoshoot, BEAROLOGY has 5 models from different countries: Min from Taiwan, Hao from Singapore, Tony Zhong from China, Marco from China, and Nao-san from Japan.

It was a great time to meet all the famous bears at the same time. During the photoshoot, I could get the good attitude and experiences with BEAROLOGY and models as a teamwork and friendship. I also get a chance to be a model in this photoshoot. It was so awesome! At last, we did the group shot of BEAROLOGY team and models. I can say it is my precious memorable moment ever!


Day 3 - Parade Day

After I finished having breakfast, I and BEAROLOGY team were ready to join the Pride parade. We went to the event earlier to gather the team walker. All of BEAROLOGY team were wearing the newly lunch tee “Navy Brave” to show the brave attitude for pride. It was super great moment to see 50 bears wearing the same tee of BEAROLOGY. In the evening, we invited all the people to join BEAROLOGY dinner to say thank you for creating the good moment with us. Even though the event was over, but our friendships continues on. I hope to see everyone again next year.

Pride 2016

From Bangkok, Thailand
From Bangkok, Thailand