Hobbits☆ for BEAROLOGY

What is Hobbits☆? 

Hobbits☆ (Hobbits Star) is a group of a dancer whose height is below 165 cm but no limit for the weight (laugh). Most of our team members did not have much experiences when we started. The reason why we dance is simple, we just want to make people happy, even if it's just one person. Although we may not be able to attract many people at the moment, we are training hard everyday to become better and better. We want to be remembered for what we do, that make us very happy with what we are doing.

Please introduce each of the member and tell us one unique thing about him.

Red: Gyoza
He is fastest learner when it comes to dancing. He's the one that the group relies on . He is a very dedicated person. When we have problems, especially with dance formation, he is the one we can consult with and he always comes up with the best solution for the group. By the way, he is a very mysterious person......We always wonder what he is behind his cool exterior!
He is the serious part of Hobbit☆. 
He always does thing seriously but still sometimes just suddenly runs away. “Hey, It's OK now, everything is fine. Just come back.” is what we usually say to him. Even though his personality might be serious, but he always late! Well, it seem like most gays are like that. Haha. But if he dare to be late again, there will be a punishment for him!!
He personally say he is a sex symbol of the group but people around him say he is a ___ symbol. (Please fill the gap). He is an expert at sissy dance. Well, we may call it "sexy" though. 
When he gets active, his hip will automatically shake, shake, shake! Please pay attention to this. He also helps us do organization work for the group too. We appreciate him very much!
He is the only one who join the group after Hobbit☆ started. He's a very diligent person. Even though he did not join the group from the beginning, he works very hard everyday to catch up with the group. He is still in training stage but i think he can be the main dancer of our group soon.
Leader of Hobbit☆. I am very innocent guy no matter what or whoever I talk with I am just an innocent guy. 
I am in charge of song selection, thinking of dance formation and creating dance style. (Oh, I just realized that I do everything......). I know that our dance is still not perfect, from the dancer perspective I think there are a lot of things we need to learn and improve. But when I am on the stage, I will make sure that I make the audience enjoy their time with me. All I want from them is only a small compliment or “Like” from whoever know and see us.

What is the greatest moment the group had experienced?

hmm...What would it be. Such a hard question.......
I think when we were on the stage and we received applause from the audience.
I feel like we get the energy from the audience's enjoyment and we put it to our dance.
I really appreciated all the organizer and events who allow us to have such a great experience.

Why did you collaborate with BEAROLOGY? How was the experience?

At the beginning, we were sooooooo worried. Are we really good for them? (laugh). Because comparing us to BEAROLOGY models, we are quite different style. However, I think it's a fate that we have received an invitation, so I talked with the group and we eventually agreed to work with BEAROLOGY. We have put our best effort to the work to make sure that we won't regret later on. When BEAROLOGY requested for specific song, i was concerned if we really can make it or not but fortunately we could make it on time. (Fortune Cookie AKB48 ). 

What is in the future of Hobbits☆? 

Because we have just started not so long, so first of all, we would like to be in as many events as possible.
We don't know if we can do it or not but we will continue doing our best as long as our bodies can move.
So, we are looking forward to have more fan soon!!! (laugh).

Who are your role models?

We actually don't have any specific role model. But we are referring to Japanese pop idols.
We hope we can be a remarkable group one day!

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