As a master of Leo Lounge, you must meet many interesting customers from all around the world. What kind of interesting people have you met? What kind of stories have they brought with them? 

There is a story of a customers who came to Japan alone from South America. He grew up watching Japanese cartoon and he was inspired by Japanese gay art by Mr. Jiraiya. He visited our bar for the first time on weekday at midnight which is the time most of bear customers usually leave in order to catch the last train home, he was the only customer left. He asked “Where is my Jiraiya bear?” (Laugh). I think he expected that if he go to bear bar in Japan, there will be crowded of muscle bears every day. So I told him a lot about bars in Shinjuku, it is normally not crowded on weekdays, especially on rainy days. And most of the bears will leave before midnight to catch the last train but it gets much more crowded on weekends. I also introduced him another bar speaking English in Shinjuku area. Fortunately, he stayed in Japan for more than a week, so he was able to meet a lot of bears and made some friends that weekend.

Find out about Leo Lounge

Find out about Leo Lounge

I think each country have different lifestyles, transportation, peak time, etc. so it is good to go have at least a drink even though that bar may not be so crowded or the people there may not be your type but you will have a chance to learn and understand more about that country and people. ;)

In your opinion, how important is it for a bear to have strong community support? 

Nowadays, there are a lot of new bear community in each country in Asia, I think these days, people get to know each other and expand their network quite quickly. In USA or EU, not only LGBT pride parade and small bear events are held but there are also even a week-long event organized especially for bears to travel together to the resort and people from many countries attending such event. I think by utilizing Social Network and if flights become cheaper and better, we can also hold such a big bear event like that in Asia.

You are considered a role model for the bear community, people look up to you for your friendliness, kindness, and handsomeness. Any advice for the bear community?

I usually go on my way without being influenced by the world or people. I think I have my own pride and I want to be what i love to be. When I feel like I’ve lost my confidence, I imagine my dreams, remind myself to stay focused and I tell myself to continue do it little by little everyday. I believe that things will get better eventually. In the meantime, I hope people show their kindness and generosity to one another and continue to provide the support for each other. The important thing is not only physical strength but I think having a warm heart is also important.

What do you do for fun?  

On my days off, I sometimes hang out with friends for meal. If I don't have any appointments, I really love to do nothing (laugh). Just wake up and follow my feeling for that day. I feel that can release my stress when I can do and go somewhere without planning. (laugh)


What makes you happy?

Vacation!!! (Laugh) I normally work 6 days a week. I am already very happy if I can have 2 consecutive days vacation. If i have a chance to take 3-4 days vacation, I definitely go out for traveling.

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