One of the questions we always get asked when our friends visit Tokyo is, "Which bar should I go?". So here is a blog of our Top 10 favorite bars in Shinjuku 2-Chome.

1. Leo Lounge Tokyo: A lot of my foreign friends who have visited Tokyo in the last year have been here. It's one of the hottest bar in Shinjuku because they speak English, the bar is spacious and has a cozy environment. Not to mention the famous and handsome bar master (Nao san). Most importantly, they sell our BEAROLOGY product with  a 10% discount!  (MAP)


2. Rumblefish: One of the most famous bar among bears in Tokyo, operated since 2003. This bar serves you in a calm and chic style with two cute and friendly masters, Sunkichi san and Toru san, who will talk to you like an old friend and make you feel like home. (MAP)


3. Goal: Goal is famous as a sporty and meaty gathering Karaoke bar. You will meet the friendly Teru san who will challenge you to play " Rock-Paper-Scissors" and if you win him twice in a roll, you will get a free drink from him. (MAP)

4. Norakura: For those who love to try on Fundoshi (Japanese style undergarment), this is the place for you. Norakura will hold a Fundoshi night once a week. At this bar, you will meet a famous beefy Macchan who will help you tie your Fundoshi! (MAP)

5. Kusuo: One of the oldest and biggest bar of Shinjuku 2-Chome. This bar has opened for more than 20-30 years and been hosting all type of gays. You may not know that this is one of the bars that hosted Freddie Mercury of Queen when he visited Japan! (MAP)

6. 3G: Kazuo san, one of the most famous and good looking bar master these days,  has been issued in all famous gay magazines and NPO in Tokyo. The concept of this bar is Games, Gym and Gay. Let's have some fun with Kazuo san at 3G bar. (MAP)

7. Shirokuma: Shirokuma in Japanese means "White Bear". This is a bar for bear lovers, as simple as that. At this bar you will meet a pack of bears gathering, drinking and singing together with cute and handsome master of this bar, Hiroyuki-san. (MAP)


8. Eight: Come to No. 8 of our list, we would like to introduce another bar called "Eight". This bar is actually part of Kusuo but in different style. Eight bar is decorated in modern style and super friendly staffs who will be your best drinking friends ever!! (MAP)

9. Base: One of the most well-known bear bar in Shinjuku 2 Chome operated by Toshi san who is the head of Shinjuku 2 Chome union. Let's come have a drink and talk about Shinjuku and Tokyo gay life from an expert! (MAP)

10. Dosukoi FujiyamaA bar for young, cute, chub and bear! If you are one of them or love them, here is the best place for you. They sometimes hold a big party called Debumosen which is one of the can't miss party in Japan ! (MAP)

We hope this list helps you figure out where to go for a drink in Shinjuku 2-chome when you visit Tokyo!

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