These past few years, it’s hard to deny that many bears across Asia have made their hairstyle short. Have you ever wondered who was the first one to lead this trend? Nobody knows when it started becoming popular, so we interviewed a few bears to find out.

I would like to introduce King (Thailand), Kentaro (Japan), and Leisi (China). Let’s see what they think!

First question, “When did you start keeping short hairstyle and why?

King: When I was young, I went to the barber shop and gave him the detail of hairstyle, it was not short hairstyle actually, but it was some kind of korean hairstyle of some sort. But the barber cut my hair the wrong way, so he kept on cutting and cutting until there was not much left! A lot of people were telling me that I looked good with short hair. That’s the reason why I’ve been keeping my hair short until now.
Kentaro: It started when I discovered the gay world, especially the bear community. At that time, I saw many many bears having short hairstyle and I thought it looked very manly, sporty and clean.
Leisi: I started keeping my hair short since I became part of the bear community 4 years ago (People just started calling me a bear, haha). I care about keeping myself clean and keeping my hair short makes it easier to wash my hair.  

Second question, “Do you have inspiration or favourite idol for keeping short hairstyle?

King: Yes I have, Sugar Ray! He’s my favourite bear idol ever. I think he looks so perfect in any hairstyle tho.
Kentaro: I don’t have a specific bear idol, but I always pay attention on Facebook friends’ hairstyle. I am sometimes interested in my friends’ unique hairstyle, but unfortunately I couldn’t cut my hair like them. I think many friends are so fashionable and I would love to be like that - haha.
Leisi : I cut my hair short because of Frank Cu. He looks so good, and I want to look good like him.

Third question, “Do you think hairstyle can change someone’s personality and the way other people see them?

King: I think hairstyle can make a good first impression. Truth is..we still get judged by our appearance - the way we dress, the way we look, and the way we act. When your hair is short and clean, I think it will help you look better for sure. In the past, I’ve had long hair like korean style and even though I thought it was cool and handsome at the time, now when I look back at  my old photos, I want to delete all of them quickly. Hahaha!
Kentaro: I think hairstyle plays a big part in people’s perception of you. My friends told me that I want to touch your head after you shaved your hair because you look so young and innocent. I think it is gonna be fun if we have conversation with friends about hairstyle.
Leisi: I agree that hairstyle can influence how people see you. I saw my friends on facebook shared their photos from 2 - 3 years ago. Actually, they are really cute in now, but it looked so weird when they had a long hair in that past. Haha.

Last question, “If you get a chance to have long long hair for 3 days, what would you do?

King: I always look at the girls who have beach wave hair. I think that look so beautiful and gorgeous. If I have a chance to have long hair, I will do my hair like beach wave hairstyle, and I will dress up like girl to meet my mom at home. She will definitely not like it. Haha.
Kentaro: I will go to photoshoot studio to take my own photo with my long hairs, then I will share photo album on my facebook. Don’t forget to give me massive likes and loves!
Leisi: I will do makeup and wave my hair like one of those Victoria Secret Angels. People will ask to take a photo with me when I go shopping for sure.

And that was the answer from 3 famous bears. For some, having short hair was accidental. For others, they want to look cool like their idols. Interesting, isn’t it?

What’s your story?     

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