There are so many lovely couples in our community and we especially admires those couples who stays together and loves each other very much. BEAROLOGY would love to take a chance to explore and know them more and share their views on "love" with our community.

For this blog post, we would like to introduce 3 lovely couples,

  • Drake and Dukie from the Philippines
  • Raku and Takao from Japan
  • PJ and Manuel from the Dominican Republic (Currently living in Beijing)

They always share their romantic moments in social media and we are also one of their fans.

All of them have given us a chance to interview them today. 

1. What do you think about love?

Raku and Takao: Love is understanding, patience and embracing. Being in relationship is about hold down our attitude, understand our partner and accept each other in every ways.

PJ and Manuel: Love do exist. love is sacrifice, commitment and communication.

Drake and Dukie: Love is Barney, he is our 12 year old pet Labrador and he has taught us unconditional love.

2. What's cooler can be represented to your definition of love, and why?

Drake and Dukie: The color of the rainbow is the color of love. It embraces all colors and all kinds of wonderful loving and caring people

Raku and Takao: Rainbow color. Sometimes we can be all red with full of love but sometimes we may feel blue due to jealousy and sadness, sometimes it can be Yellow because of worrying about unsecured things and of course, when we are being together it can turn to green that makes us feel relax and comfortable.

PJ and Manuel: We believe love should be represented by a material, more than a color. and that material should be glass. because needs to be transparent and sincere.

3. Do you have any plan to surprise your boyfriend on this Valentine's day?

Drake and Dukie: No. valentines is so predictable . Better to surprise him any other day - like everyday. Hehe

Raku and Takao: Because we will not be together during Valentine's Day this year but we still want to show our feeling how much we want to see each other, we have thought from our heart and feeling to buy a Nike ID designed shoe and planed to pass it to each other this weekend before Valentine's Day.

PJ and Manuel: Unfortunately we will be celebrating Valentine's separately. due to family reasons, we are currently in different cities. But for us, valentine Day is everyday!

4. What's do you think about 'Same-Sex Marriage Campaign' of LGBT?

Drake and Dukie: It's about time. I can't wait to receive the wedding invites!

Raku and Takao: I don't think marriage is about sex (Gender). No matter straight or same sex, love is love, as long as they love each other, they deserve the right of marriage.

PJ and Manuel: Marriage should be legal for everyone and everybody, some people say it's just a paper, for us, was EVERYTHING.

5. If government allows gay or same-sex can get marriage, do you want to get marriage or not?

PJ and Manuel: We luckily come from a land in which marriage has been legal for years, we got married in Barcelona in 2010. was the best thing we ever done!

Drake and Dukie: Yep. But for practical reasons really - like welfare, benefits and other pens that married people enjoy.

Raku and Takao: Absolutely. Marrying someone you love is not related with straight people or LGBT.

Many thanks to Drake & Dukie, Raku & Takao, PJ & Manuel for sharing their views on love with us today. 

Let's Love <3 !